Membership benefits

  • Receive reductions for many of the AVM’s seminars and courses
  • Receive information about developments in mediation and collaborative law/collaborative practice
  • Stay informed about events, seminars and courses
  • Network with other mediators, collaborative lawyers and collaborative practitioners
  • Being registered with the AVM is a seal of approval

Ordinary members can be:

  • Registered lawyers, law firms, and trainee lawyers - provided that they have a credible interest in the association's purpose.
  • Austrian bar associations and all lawyers' associations, which mainly deal with training.
  • Domestic and foreign universities, which have a scholarly interest in the subject of mediation and or collaborative law/collaborative practice.

Supporting members are those who support the association's purpose with additional financial contributions.

Associate members are all other members, for example, mediation organizations, psychotherapists, expert witnesses, tax and business consultants, other experts, collaborative practitioners.

Membership is acquired through an application on which the Board of Directors makes a definitive decision. Membership can be refused without giving a reason.